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Taurus Model 85 Pocket Revolver

Taurus Model 85 Pocket Revolver

First Reviewed August 17, 2010
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The most popular pocket revolver in the Taurus lineup, the company’s Model 85 is an inexpensive .38 which has continued to sell well to the concealed carry community over the years. The gun works well for ankle carry as it does for pocket carry and with over a dozen color and component configurations to choose from, there seems to be an 85 for everyone.

These revolvers are chambered for the .38 Special cartridge and the majority of them are rated to fire +P ammo as well. The guns have Single-Action/Double-Action trigger systems and a more traditional hammer.

The company produces the Model 85 in a whole host of cosmetic configurations. Black, blue, bright stainless, matte stainless, finishes can all be found for these revolvers. Rubber combat grips are the norm for this line but both wood and even pearl grips are available as well. Gold accent models are currently being produced with all the functionality of the more traditional looking pocket revolvers.

As small as it is, this gun features a 5-shot capacity cylinder. Each Model 85 features a transfer bar safety to prevent the gun from accidentially firing if dropped. Both sights are fixed. The front site is a traditional blade-style sight mated to the 2″ barrel while the rear is a notch-style integrated into the rear of the frame.

Reviews for the standard steel frame Taurus Model 85 pocket revolvers are found below. Model 85 revolvers of various colors should be reviewed here but the Model 85 Ultra-Lite, Model 85 Titanium models have their own review sets so please only include reviews of your gun here if it has the steel frame.


6 Reviews for “Taurus Model 85 Pocket Revolver”
  1. Thomas says:

    A very good and well made .38 special revolver, very accurate and I love the rubber grips which help to reduce the felt recoil, mine is the all steel model with the blue finish and has a ported barrel which considerably reduces recoil ! This is the ideal handgun for the home owner, shop owner or the hiker on the wilderness trail ! As a pocket carry weapon I would prefer the Ultra-Lite or Titanium or one of the .32ACP or .380 small automatics which are lighter in weight . This weapon is an excellent value for your money .

  2. paul says:

    My wife has always been reluctant to fire any firearm. I purchased a Taurus 85,21 oz. for automobile, traveling since we are moving out of state. I am a veteran and have fired every firearm imaginable. The first time firing the 85 she performed very well and is no longer afraid of firearms. We fired in an indoor range in Yuma, Arizona and now we’re going again, closer to home. We fired 100 rounds and this weapon was flawless! Not bad for a $300.00 used handgun purchased at a gun show in Casa Grande, AZ.

  3. Bob says:

    Having been in the Air Force and carrying a S&W or Colt 38 special while on duty, I have to say the Tarus 38 special is at least as good if not better. Mine is a model 85 with a 3″ barrel, all steel except for the rubber grips. I had larger rubber grips installed when I purchased it. I went to a range after not firing a gun for almost 45 years and shocked myself by firing 50 rounds and putting many rounds in the bulls eye. I remembered my traning and it served me well. Sight picture,Breath control & trigger squeeze. Before I got the 38 I had a Colt 45 1911, it was very heavy to carry around all day and it was probably worn out because I always had trouble qualifing with it. Not the 38, I shot expert with it the first time I took it to the range.

  4. Michael says:

    I was looking to replace my Beretta model 70 (New Puma) with something stouter than the Beretta’s .32 ACP. I wanted a pistol that would conceal well in very light Summer Time clothing.
    I wanted something I could carry safely in my pocket (with a pocket holster), and still have enough clout to get the job done while not breaking the bank.
    After looking in a few shops, I found a stainless steel Taurus model 85 chambered in .38 Special plus P that was as close to 100% as you can get.

    I took it down to the range, and ran a hundred rounds through it without any issues. It shoots accurately, and seems to like everything I can feed it. It’s very comfortable to shoot, good front post sight makes for good target acquisition, and low felt recoil with a good feeling finger groove grip.

    It’s become my daily Summertime carry pistol, and I also use it when I’m taking a quick run to the store, and don’t want to take the time to run the belt through one of my bigger pistol’s holster.

    I’ve been carrying it off, and on for six months now, and have gotten quite comfortable with it. I’ve since run four or five hundred rounds through it, and it continues to perform flawlessly.

    All in all, this is a lot of value for the dollars spent. I’d strongly recommend this revolver to anyone who is looking for a light weight, highly concealable pistol for light clothing carry.

  5. Mike says:

    Have had a Taurus Model 85 CIA version(concealed hammer) since 2001. Shot it infrequently but it was always a pleasure to shoot and was accurate at 10yds. I am now carrying it daily as a backup pistol. It is heavier than the alloy versions but it is still easy to carry in the pocket(with a pocket holster) or on the ankle. The finish has held up very well. I had the action smoothed by a gunsmith and I painted the front sight a bright green. It is a good gun for concealed carry and for home defense.
    I have used this piece as a training gun for Ladies Only defensive pistol classes. I paid less than $300 for it. It has proved to be a very good value.

  6. Dennis Moore says:

    Bought a new Model 85 TAURUS yesterday! Shot 50 S&B .38Spl’s and 50 158gr flat nosed hand loads through it today! All shots within 4 group at 7yds! Shot both single and double action! Love the rubber grips! Single action trigger is terrific! Best $270- I spent in a long time! Definately good enough for a CCW!

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