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Taurus Judge Model 45410 Revolver

Taurus Judge Model 45410 Revolver

First Reviewed August 13, 2010
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The Taurus Judge stands as a gun that started a revolver revolution. When first introduced, the ability to fire either .45 Colt or .410 shotgun shell ammunition was seen as a unique and exciting development. Here was a gun that could span the gulf between the revolver and the shotgun for both self defense and hunting purposes.

The Judge received it’s moniker because the company discovered that a number of judicial magistrates began carrying the while sitting on the bench “just in case” something went wrong and a situation got out of hand in the court room. How much truth there is to this claim is suspect, but it does make for a great myth and an even better nickname.

While there are more than 11 models made in Taurus’ Judge lineup. The standard configuration, which is being reviewed here, is a steel frame gun which has a 3″ barrel matched to the standard 2.5″ chamber. The gun is double-action and features a hammer with a full spur so that the gun can be cocked for a single-action shot.

Color choices include a stainless steel, black, or blued finish. Standard Judge revolvers do NOT feature crimson trace grips, titanium cylinders, or polymer frames.

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3 Reviews for “Taurus Judge Model 45410 Revolver”
  1. Kenneth Castle says:

    Taurus Judge is an excellent performer. I was very surprised at the limited recoil considering it fires a 45 & 410. Very comfortable to shoot. Don’t expect a long range capability however. I would say that about 15 feet would be the max for good accuracy with the 45. Then again, the 410 will change the attitude of any assailant even if employed at a bit greater range. All in all I think it is ideal for a self defense weapon.

  2. Bill Thompson says:

    Stainless, 3 inch Chamber. Locks up with .410 shot shells. It’s been back to Taurus for this problem. Failed after 5 shots.
    Taurus is very hard to reach, put on hold or have to leave messages then no call back. I know two other owners that have given up on the Judge after multiple returns.

  3. Billy Vaughn says:

    I have the 6.5 inch Judge Stainless, fired for the first time today. The 410 rounds lock up with #7,8, 6 Shot. can not get the expended rounds out have to take a rode and push out from open end. Not a real happy camper at this time, I cleaned the pistol prior to taking to range, I was using RIO and Remington ammo will try other brands to see if they have the same effect. Shot 20 rounds of reload bullets which I did my self, at was hitting pie place at 30 yards, could not believe the shot group at 30 at 15 yards was shooting high and right about 4 inches.

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