High Powered Revolvers

.500 Smith & Wesson High Powered Revolver

A major advantage that revolvers have that semi-automatic pistols lack is the ability to up the power of the gun as a whole by increasing the length of the cartridge. This is the reason why we high powered revolvers such as the .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, and .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum being integrated into revolvers only.

High powered revolvers are used for home defense along side their service revolver brethren, but they are primarily employed in hunting. The only semi-automatic gun that is commonly used in hunting big game is the 10mm and very few guns are being produced in that caliber. Contrast that with a whole host of high powered revolvers that have been used to hunt everything from White Tail deer all the way up to a Cape Buffalo.

Guns that fall in the high powered revolver category often end up with a stigma that they are hard to control and brutal on the body when fired. While there is some truth to this perception it is also true that the guns themselves are are built on a very large frame which is able to absorb a lot of the energy traditionally associated with high powered guns. Proper gun handling can be taught to anyone, even small-frame women, so that they can confidently employ many of these guns with relative ease.

High powered revolvers are usually easy to identify by their larger grips, frame, cylinder, and barrel length. They are typically chambered in .44 Magnum at the lower end and go up from there. As is typical with most revovlers, these guns are almost exclusively produced in a right-handed configuration to save on production costs.

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Colt Anaconda .44 Revolver

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The Anaconda represented Colt's entry into the market niche of large-frame revolvers capable of shooting the .44 Magnum round. Similar in both function and styl...[Read More]